[CA LUG] Looking for a good burn of Fedora Core 4

Ford, Julie Julie.Ford at bdk.com
Wed Sep 14 08:39:15 CDT 2005

I've had great success using the Princeton (NJ) mirror site (you can
find it in the list of mirrors on RH's web site).  I've gotten both the
ISO's and the source cd's.  I used Nero to burn them -- it's the only
thing I've got at home to create ISO cd's with on the Win$ side.  One
note -- download them overnight.  Kick off the downloads around
midnight, otherwise it crawls, especially if you're using Comcast.

We have two servers running FC4 and I have a workstation/developer
install on my laptop in a dual boot configuration.  We're running Samba
off of one of the servers and using it as the household file server on a
P4 2.4mhz system with 4 140gig hard drives and 1/2 gig ram.  We've been
running this configuration for about 3 weeks and it screams, even with 4
kids hitting it for CD content for their homeschool software all at the
same time.  FC4's also got a few really nice features and takes our card
reader hub and direct connect to kodak digital camera like a champ.  No
tweaking required.

Julie Ford

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I have tried several times myself using Roxio on Windows, and I havent
been successful either.  I dont know the proper procedure, but you may
want to try using a Knoppix cd and copy/download the iso's.  Let me or
the group know how you resolve this please.

Russ M 

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Don Miller III wrote:

> I have repeatedly tried to download the image file fore FC4 DVD or 
> Cd's.  I would prefer the DVD but it really does not matter for me.  I

> want to explore Linux and after years of use off and on, I am still a 
> novice.  If anyone has suggestions, or can connect for me to burn a 
> copy, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks for your help
> Don
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