[CA LUG] September 14 CALUG Meeting

Rajiv Vyas rajiv1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 08:59:46 CDT 2005

On 9/15/05, Anderson Manly <andersonmanly at yahoo.com> wrote:
> =

> Greeting All,
> =

> Great meeting last night! I sure enjoyed it. I guess I am the type of =

> person that likes an open forum type of meeting anyway. Does anyone have =
any =

> other ideas for web content that might be useful for a new Calug web site=
? =

> Also, to brighten your Thursday, check out distrowatch weekly for an amus=
ing =

> article called "Microsoft tries to hire Eric S Raymond"

It was an interesting meeting. Regarding the Eric S Raymond article, there'=
s =

been lot of discussion on other boards. Couple of points that I disagree =

with ESR: MSFT did not offer him a job. As one of Microsofties pointed out =

on Slashdot, it was a mass email. And second, the email wasn't technically =

sent by MSFT but one of their vendors. Therefore the v in front of microsof=
t =

address. I think ESR went overboard with this email and also by calling =

himself the worst nightmare for Microsoft. Gave himself toooooo much credit=
, =

I guess. That's my2cents.


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