[CALUG] SSH question

Jason C. Miller jason.c.miller at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 08:58:55 CDT 2005

Quick question for everyone.  And, before I ask, yes, I did Google for the 
answer and this is one of those things that turns up 10 million results of 
which only one probably is pertinant.  Also, being at work, I'm not in the 
mood to do the setup to test it.  :) Anyway....

Working with Mr. Breen's suggestion of using dd and ssh to backup hard 
drives, I was wondering if anybody knew off the top of their heads if 
password-less login is required for this to work.  If I try to pipe some 
output into ssh (to be processed on the remote machine), does it matter if 
I manually put in the password or not?


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