[CALUG] Backup solution

Bryan Breen Bryan.C.Breen.1 at gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Oct 25 13:25:11 CDT 2005

Similar to Marks suggestion, but a little more versatile in that it 
let's you dump the disc image across the network to a file server 
somewhere is detailed here:

http://tinyurl.com/5mrsl (in case the last link wrapped)

This worked well for me for a very similar situation you are in Jason. 
I've got an old WinXP laptop that I'll eventually have to give back to 
the company. I made an image of its disc the day I got it. Now I can do 
anything I please to it. When it comes time to turn it back in, I'll 
just rewrite the original image across the entire thing. It'll look like 
I had not touched it since the day I got it. :)

- Bryan

Jason C. Miller wrote:
> Hey guys.  I just started a new job and have received my brand new (POS) 
> laptop.  Anyway...they've given me the whole speal about how the 
> filesystems have to be maintained perfectly and how the 9-gig restore 
> partition can't be touched. 
> Anyhoo, I'm dying to nuke this hard drive and make it my own.  Can 
> anyone suggest a good (free/simple) way to image a hard drive that  has 
> NTFS and 'Compaq Diagnostics' partitions on them so that I can restore 
> the laptop to its pristine condition later? 
> Thanks!
>                                                                -jason
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