[CALUG] AS 3.0 update 5 iso

David Salinas rdsalinas at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 15:36:26 CDT 2005

Does anyone have AS 3.0 update 5 disc? If so, could you do me a favor and try and make an iso out
of them?

This is just a test. 

1) Make iso
2) Use those iso to create new discs
3) Use the discs to install AS 3.0 update 5 on a Dell 2650 server...

At this point the disc install -- made from those isos -- seem to break because of a truncating
error; unable to find proper rpm files.

This is only an issue with AS 3.0 update 5. Prievious versions do not have this issue.

Update 0 and 3 worked fine.

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