[CALUG] Gigabit Ethernet

David Salinas rdsalinas at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 02:05:34 CDT 2005

For those that know. What happens when a Jumbo Frame LAN is also connected to another switch that
is also Gigabit, but not Jumbo?  Sound kinda strange that any adjacent non-Gigabit or non-jumbo
would just downgrade the LAN to 100Mbit, right?

We have pure Gigabit in our lab. But we do have a few systems that are running at 100Mbit (NIC
Cards need to be upgraded).
If you get this to work, I'm might try it. :)

--- Ray Lischner <linux at tempest-sw.com> wrote:

> Among the three main systems that I use daily, I often have to work with
> files that reside on one of the other machines. Remote files access is
> noticeably slower than local file access. My proposed solution is to
> switch to Gigabit Ethernet.
> I started to do a little research, and stumbled on the issue of Jumbo
> Frames. My understanding is that if I am bothering to run Gigabit
> Ethernet to improve performance, I should probably also enable Jumbo
> Frames. On the other hand, Jumbo Frames would work only within the LAN.
> For any network access outside the Gigabit LAN, I cannot use Jumbo
> Frames, which means I need two Ethernet adapters in each machine.
> (That's not a problem; I can continue to use the current adapter for
> Internet access and use the new Gigabit adapters for LAN access.)
> Once I install the Gigabit adapters, I would need to manually configure
> routing tables so that local traffic is routed through the Gigabit
> adapter and all other traffic is routed through the old 100Base-T
> adapter. Of course, the Gigabit adapters would be cabled to a Gigabit
> switch (which must support Jumbo Frames), and the old adapters would
> continue to go through the existing switches and hubs, which connect to
> DSL and the world.
> I'm not a routing expert. Until now, I've coped by letting the Suse
> installer automatically do its thing. I don't think that will work once
> I install the Gigabit adapters.
> Is my understanding correct? Does anyone have any additional advice to
> offer? Thanks.
> --
> Ray Lischner
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