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Rajiv Gunja opn.src.rocks at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 07:13:49 CDT 2005

Lets assume that you have enough hard-disks available on your system. For
our example, lets say you have 60 GB HDD.
while installing Windows XP, carve up you disk into 4 partitions. { Windows
XP (20[OS only] + 20[data only]), suse (10) and Ubuntu (10)}
Next install SuSE on the 3rd partition making sure that you install its boot
loader into the MBR.
Next install Ubuntu on the 4th partition making sure that you install the
boot loader on the root partition and not the MBR.
SuSE should recognise the 3rd OS while rebooting for the 2nd time, if not,
you can point the LiLO config to the root partition and you will have all 3
OSes installed and bootable.


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On 10/14/05, John Szakmeister <john at szakmeister.net> wrote:
> On Friday 14 October 2005 18:46, Rajiv Vyas wrote:
> > I am planning to dual boot (and maybe even have multiple boot) my PC
> with
> > XP, SuSE and Ubuntu. A quick question: When I install SuSE, how do I
> leave
> > enough memory on the HD so that I can install Ubuntu. I know that when I
> > install Win XP, it allows you to allocate certain space for the XP,
> leaving
> > the rest of other OS. But I don't think SuSE allows that.
> SuSE definitely allows you to do that. You have to do your own
> partitioning
> scheme though. When you get to the system configuration, click on
> partitioning and several options will be available to you. One of them is
> "expert." If you choose that, you can layout the hard drive however you
> see
> fit.
> HTH.
> -John
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