[CALUG] Driver for D-Link DGE-530T in Linux 2.6?

Eldon Ziegler eldonz at atlanticdb.com
Mon Oct 3 04:00:19 CDT 2005

I tried to add a D-Link DGE-530T PCI NIC to my gentoo box to make 
this box into a router/firewall. The driver that came with the board 
doesn't work on Linux 2.6.x as it tries to use an external item kstat 
that no longer exists to get the information from /proc/stat. I can't 
find anything definitive on how to use this NIC with 2.6. It kind of 
sounds like support is built into the 2.6 kernel but it's not listed 
in menuconfig. I did try including the syskonnect gigabit adapter 
(syskonnect might be the developer) and rebuilt the kernel but then 
networking wouldn't work at all and the DGE-530T still didn't show up 
in ifconfig. The DGE-530T does show up in /proc/pci.

Any experience with this board? How can I check if a particular 
network card is supported under 2.6 before I buy a different card?

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