[CALUG] Best programming app

Rajiv G Gunja opn.src.rocks at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 11:46:00 CST 2005

    I use Eclipse for the IDE, which in turn uses Intel C++ Compiler.
    The advantage of using this compiler is that, Intel has other tools =

which help trouble shoot your program and fine tune it.
    (VTune, IPP, Math kernel lib, Trace analyser and collector, and =

thread tools)

    Python, I am not sure, never used it. I write Perl/Tk scripts.

    Have fun.


Rajiv G Gunja

Carlos Astrada wrote:

>I think I was a bit too vague earlier. I am looking for the best, in
>your opinions, application for programming. I want something that is
>powerful and efficient to use. I am trying to get away from learning to
>program via VI. =

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