[CALUG] repartitioning on the fly

Jason Dixon jason at dixongroup.net
Wed Nov 16 15:59:49 CST 2005

On Nov 16, 2005, at 4:26 PM, James Ewing Cottrell 3rd wrote:

> You are being Too Literal. What is Officially called "RHEL 4.1" or  
> "Red Hat Advanced Server 4.1" is being called "Red Hat 4.1" by  
> people on the street (or at least the net) these days, including  
> the original poster.

I've never heard anyone refer to it as "Red Hat 4.1" and I'm a) an  
RHCE, and b) around Linux folks constantly.  Perhaps Red Hat's  
brainwashing worked too well on me, but I stopped referring to their  
products in the "point-release" format back around Red Hat 9 (even  
though 8.0 had no other minor point releases).  Google "red hat 4.1"  
and see how many results you get back referring to their Enterprise  

> Yes, RH4.1 is so old that for all practical purposes It No Longer  
> Exists. It may not even run on newer hardware. So she couldn't  
> possibly mean that. Besides, anyone playing with Linux back in  
> those days probably wouldn't ask a question like that.

Of course it no longer (practically, if not literally) exists.  But  
that doesn't mean that folks don't have it running out there.  To  
suggest that because something is deprecated means it is no longer in  
production is a ridiculous assumption.  Regardless of age (we have OS/ 
2 running our voicemail).

> My point is that you should have been able to figure out that she  
> was talking about RHEL AS 4.1 rather than the decade-old Red Hat 4.1.

You should stop assuming.  There were at least two other folks on  
this list who jumped to the same conclusion that I did, so I hardly  
find it far-fetched.


Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting

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