[CALUG] studying CS

Joab Jackson lists at joabj.com
Sun Nov 13 17:52:49 CST 2005

Gary Knott wrote:

>Dear Rajiv,
>The best way to learn to code is:
>1. get a copy of "The Art of Computer Programming, Vol 1 (by DE Knuth)
>    and start reading it and doing some of the exercises.  (Later
>scan Vol 2 and Vol 3)
    You have *got* to be kidding!! That's like suggesting somebody can 
learn about physics by reading Einstein's original papers on general 
relativity. True, if you had an infinite amount of time and 
intelliegence....You're setting someone down the path of failure if you 
really suggest that they learn how to program by reading a 900 page book 
on the science of algorithms. I mean Knuth is a genius, but that is 
totally overkill...I mean, unless I am missing something.


"An original style is the only true honesty any writer can ever claim"
	--Vladimir Nabokov 

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