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Rajiv Vyas rajiv1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 05:41:48 CST 2005

> When I attended a UMCP presentation on their graduate program, they
> basically said that you shouldn't expect to be able to hold down a job
> while taking it. From the undergraduate projects I had to do, I can almost
> believe it.

I forwarded him the link to the John Hopkins program and he already thinks
it's going to be very hard for him in terms of commitment of time.

Well, does it have to be a masters degree right away, then? The
> community colleges around here offer introductory programming courses,
> some of which even transfer credit to local universities. It'd be a
> cheap and easy way to get started and at least find out if it's really
> something he likes (because if he doesn't like it a _lot_, the work
> required for an MS could be a major ordeal).

That is what I had suggested but I think he couldn't find any good course at
a community college. Are there any that you are aware of? Also, all he might
need is few programming courses and may not need to go through a two or more
years of masters.


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