[CALUG] Successful Ubuntu install

Rick Radzville rradzville at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 11:03:02 CST 2005

Many thanks to Erin & Robert for organizing the installfest last night, and
Anderson for the bounty of Ubuntu 5.10 CDs. I am writing this email from my
Panasonic CF-18 running Ubuntu 5.10. I was able to get Ubuntu installed
after some minor issues during the base system installation. Fortunately,
Jason was sitting right next to me, and helped me work thru them. For
example, I had no idea you can hit ctrl-alt-F1 to switch from the install
menu to a shell. We managed to work around the 1st issue by switching to a
different installation CD. The second CD hit an error installing the
"linux-386" kernel. We went back to the previous step, partition disks,
repeated it, and were able to get thru the install successfully. Everything
works! Sound, CAT5 & wireless NIC...I'll look for the touchscreen drivers in
a little while. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to run the
install off a USB DVD/CD-RW drive. I've already been using GAIM to chat
w/friends online - my AIM acct works fine, Yahoo & MSN, not so much. :) My
immediate plans are to configure Evolution, and start playing with editing
Word docs in OO. Thanks again to everybody!
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