[CALUG] BASH for Win

Stephen Anderson anderson.stephen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 11:45:32 CST 2005

cygwin on a live cd .... involves no installation ...    Below info is
extracted from:


XLiveCD ... is a set of Cygwin packages (http://www.cygwin.com) that
have been installed and altered to run from CD, the Wizard's
Apprentice (http://wizapp.sourceforge.net) and a few scripts that tie
things together and provide the illusion that the XLiveCD is an
application. Details are available in documentation that is provided
on the CD

    Primary features:

X.org X server.
Openssh for connecting to remote computers and forwarding graphics.
Openssh secure copy and secure ftp for transferring files.
Utilities for converting plain text files between Unix LF format and
DOS/Windows CRLF format.

    Other useful features:

Many Unix utilities that are part of a default Cygwin install. Some
examples include
awk data manipulation language,
bash shell,
grep pattern matching and
sed in-line editor.
bzip2 compression utilities
file type identification utility
tcsh and pdksh shells
text file editors vim, nano, nedit
zip/unzip archive utilities


Software that runs from CD is always slower than installed software.
Performance of XLiveCD should be acceptable for evaluating software
that runs on Unix systems. It is probably acceptable for occasional
use, and some will find that it is unacceptable for everyday use.

XLiveCD is not intended to be run on computers on which Cygwin is
installed. If you choose to ignore that warning, be sure to click on
"Read Documentation" when the wizard presents you with the option.
Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on "How to run XLiveCD
on systems on which Cygwin is installed", and read that page

On 12/9/05, Rajiv G Gunja <opn.src.rocks at gmail.com> wrote:
> Before I moved over to linux on my desktop, i used to use cygwin on windows.
> It is really good ( perl, perl/tk, cron, gcc, gbd, ddd, Xfce, X11, kde )
> most of the UNIX tools you would want has been ported to windows.
> -GGR

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