Tim Spangler


Tim Spangler has been professionally working as a systems engineer for nearly 20 years across a wide variety of technologies, and for a broad range of businesses from a small family run Internet Service Provider to Fortune 100 corporations. His background includes Linux, Unix, and Windows administration, middleware management, data center design, backup and recovery, engineering high availability solutions, Perl application development, SAN configuration, and more. Through it all, Tim has been heavily focused on web technology in particular - including running the Open Source Apache project starting with Version 1.3.1 back in 1998.

Tim holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with Minors in English and Business from Carroll College (now Carroll University) in Waukesha WI, and is currently working as a Performance and Scalability Engineer on Oracle's Cloud Monitoring System. In his spare time he likes to use technology to solve various problems, such as how to save money on recurring equipment rental fees.